Healthy churches reproduce disciples who transform communities through the gospel.

Is your church healthy? Is it a source of refreshment, hope, and growth in your community? 

Ready your church to be vibrant, enthusiastic, and planning for growth!

If your church continues on its current trajectory for the next
10 to 20 years, what will it look like in the future?

When you sign up for free revitalization tips, you will receive an email every month with practical tips on how to start thinking strategically about revitalization. Whether your church is in need of major change or you want to stay ahead of the complacency curve and keep momentum going. these tips are for you! You will benefit from the insights provided by a network of successful church consultants. Their inside information will help your church get on the right track!

Regular Baptist Builders Club comes alongside local churches with encouragement
and support to help you move through the revitalization process. Financial Lift Up grants enable you to work alongside specialized consultants so your church can fully
engage in God’s mission to change lives.

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